With over 240 clients, Infocouncil is the leading solution in Australia and New Zealand for managing council agendas and minutes.

Creating and distributing agendas and minutes is a repetitive, labour-intensive process which benefits greatly from automation. So much so that Infocouncil users wonder how they ever managed before.

We have made it our mission to assist report writers, meeting administrators and recipients of content in every facet of the meeting process. Since 2001, our dedicated team have refined and enhanced the Infocouncil software to make every aspect of meeting management more efficient and user friendly.

For this reason Infocouncil has gained widespread acceptance and is now used by over a third of local governments in Australia and New Zealand, from small to large, in both metropolitan and regional areas. We are your partner in good governance.

Infocouncil works hand in glove with Microsoft technology, including Office 365, Sharepoint, Power BI and Azure Cloud.