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Automatic Upgrade Facility

by Infocouncil Team | July 2022 | Features and Benefits

As we move closer to our Enterprise Cloud Platform (December 2022), several new facilities are being released which add significant values to your on-premises facility as well.

Making upgrading a lot easier ensures staff can use the latest functionalities, obtain faster process times and reduce support needs.

Automated Database Upgrade Utility

Automatically upgrades your Infocouncil database from any earlier version by running our automated SQL scripts in sequence for you. No manual intervention is required.

Automated Desktop Upgrade Facility

Like Windows and Office Upgrades currently used, this quarter Infocouncil will provide Councils an automatic upgrade utility as part of the upcoming Infocouncil release. Once installed, when a new database version is detected, the user is prompted to upgrade the Infocouncil desktop add-in. This is done with a few mouse clicks. This automated facility eliminates the need for IT to manage the software deployment workload.

Please contact us if you would like more information on these new facilities.



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