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Actions creation, tracking and reporting

Upload, distribute, monitor and report on all actions with ease

Swing into Actions

  • Upload and assign actions

  • Save and distribute

  • Monitor, update and complete

  • Integrate with Microsoft Power BI

Integrate with Power BI

  • Access Infocouncil Actions Data through Power BI

  • Use the Infocouncil Power BI dashboard out of the box

  • Or let us configure the data to meet your exact requirements

  • View report and meeting data in Power BI

Save and Distribute

  • Create Action Sheets with a link to the corresponding minute item

  • Format Actions Sheets to your requirements in MS Word format

  • Notify by email and push to the document management system

  • View and manage Actions through the Actions Screen

Monitor, update and complete

  • Monitor and update actions via the Actions Screen

  • Actioning Officers view and complete actions assigned to them

  • Managers monitor and manage Actions assigned to their staff

  • Create Actions Reports based on powerful search functionality

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Total Automation Solution
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