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Agenda compilation

100% automation of agenda compilation, every time

More power to the Meeting Administrator

  • Manage meetings without leaving MS Word

  • Add meeting dates, manage attendance, create new meetings

  • Update templates, orders of business and meeting membership

  • Manage Master Plans, Deadline Dates and User Permissions

How would you like your templates?

  • Agenda formats to your exact requirements, without compromise

  • Complex table of contents, numbering schemes and layouts entirely automated

  • Or, base your system on our Standard Templates for best practice

  • Let us provide the fonts and styles, you provide the content

A touch of agenda creation magic

  • Oversee the authorisation workflow and send email reminders

  • Check reports and order reports within the agenda

  • Create the agenda with one mouse click - no more tedious cut and paste

  • Convert to PDF and create bookmarks and links to original attachments

Cut out the cut and paste

  • Select the confidential checkbox to create a Confidential Agenda

  • Select the Draft checkbox to run a draft version of the agenda

  • Late agendas automated to your exact requirements

  • Publish excluded attachments under separate cover

Want to know more?

Contact the Sales Team to find out how our
Total Automation Solution
can transform your Agendas and Minutes.

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