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Report Writing and Approval
All completed in the familiar MS Word environment

Microsoft Word is where we do our best work

  • Enhanced Microsoft Word report templates with Content Controls

  • Hidden text, dropdown menus, protected sections and more

  • Powerful attachment, confidential and authorisation functionality

  • Reports save directly to your document management system

A workflow that just works

  • An authorisation workflow that integrates with your email

  • MS Word Review functionality tracks changes and makes comments

  • Revisions and complete audit trail is captured in an EDRMS

  • A single screen for the meeting administrator to manage the process

No more attachment issues

  • Attach up to A3 size documents, in landscape or portrait format

  • Include or exclude attachments from an agenda with a single mouse click

  • Publish attachments under separate cover

  • Access original PDF attachments via links in the published PDF agenda

What makes Infocouncil even more useful

  • Powerful full-text search functionality to find any document

  • Select multi-level Council Plan items using the Council Plan tab

  • Include hidden guide text to assist report writers

  • Protect sections, text and headings to ensure consistent formatting

Keep it confidential

  • Fully automated confidential report handling

  • Insert confidential clauses automatically in the correct format

  • Formats meet Australian and New Zealand legislative requirements

  • Robust document security and access

Want to know more?

Contact the Sales Team to find out how our
Total Automation Solution
can transform your Agendas and Minutes.

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