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A Word From Our General Manager

It's April already!

by John Kerry | 14th April 2023 | A word from our General Manager

2023 is well and truly here and we have a very exciting quarter ahead of us as detailed below.

We are releasing our new BPR-e service which is a free service for all. We are also entering the final phase of our cloud platform enablement project as well as working with many clients on their June 30 renewals.

Our development investment in 2023 will exceed $1.5 million to ensure that we continue to provide increased efficiencies and new and improved services. We are continuing to invest in internal upskilling all team members and expand interactive exchange of information with you. In the second quarter, we will commence a regular scheduled meeting with you to ensure that we understand your needs better.

We are here to support you in any way we can.

Please reach out to any of us anytime.

You can contact us via our website here

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