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A Word From Our General Manager

Welcome to 2023

by John Kerry | 13th February 2023 | A word from our General Manager

We hope that 2023 will be an exciting, rewarding and healthy one for all.

We are excited for the year ahead as we see 2023 as the year we celebrate our ‘Total Solution’ era and officially introduce our ‘Rapid Focus’ family of services.

Selecting an application based around just the product and the functionalities is no longer adequate and safe. At Infocouncil we believe that today, all technology solutions that are relied upon to ensure efficiency and productivity, need to have the following components:

  • Best practice standards practiced by 70% of councils

  • Rapid, sharp and focused real time, on demand training

  • Rapid, sharp and focused Onboarding services

  • Rapid and focused back up services to cater for resource shortages

  • Long term security of service, support and enhancements.

We have focused on designing and delivering the above in 2022 and have summarised below more details about these innovative and critical services.

For more information

You can also go to our website for further details, to confirm availability of these services via our calendar, or to book: Services | Infocouncil

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