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A Word From Our Sales and Marketing Manager

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

An exciting wrap up to 2023

by Nick Szentkuti | 12th December, 2023 | A word from our Sales and Marketing Manager

Dear Infocouncillors,

Firstly, the team here at Infocouncil wish you a Merry Christmas and New Year! We hope your council shuts down for a few weeks and you hardworking governance professionals take a well-earned break from your meeting schedule. You deserve it!

Farewell John Kerry and welcome Maree McMahon

It is with sadness that we say farewell to our General Manager John Kerry, who is leaving us on 31 December to pursue an exciting opportunity with AI. John joined Infocouncil two years ago and brought energy and new ideas to our company. The transition has been thoughtfully planned with Maree McMahon stepping into the GM role in the new year. Maree joins us from our sister company Figtree systems, where she was Operations Manager. Maree is familiar with Local Government from her previous role and we are excited to have her join the team.

Welcome to our new councils

It is remarkable that over a third of councils in Australia and New Zealand continue to produce agendas and minutes manually. When an automated system like Infocouncil is adopted, the governance team in particular wonder how they ever managed before. Ongoing adoption has been made possible by Infocouncil’s Best Practice Standard Templates, which make automation affordable to smaller councils. We are very happy to welcome the smaller WA councils who joined us this year: Shires of Bridgetown Greenbushes, Northampton and Victoria Plains. We also welcome Rotorua Lakes Council from New Zealand who required automation of their meeting workflow which only Infocouncil could provide.

Update your Infocouncil system

Infocouncil is used by 40% of local government in Australia and New Zealand. Many of our clients have now been with us for 10 years or more and over time their requirements have changed and evolved. We often find our Infocouncil administrators are making multiple manual changes to agendas and minutes after they have been output. For this reason, a key focus for 2024 will be to engage with you to ensure your system continues to provide the document outputs exactly as you require.

As your Sales and Marketing Manager I am taking on the role to work with you to identify those manual tweaks that have crept into your process and provide an estimate to update your Infocouncil automations to remove these. This small investment in your system will ensure you eliminate manual formatting for the years to come. Our Customer Engagement Manager Fiona and myself look forward to chatting with you in 2024.

We wish you Seasons Greetings and a relaxing break!

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