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City of Melville and the benefits of a BPR

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

by Infocouncil Team | June 2022 | Features and Benefits City of Melville and the benefits of a BPR

We recently conducted a Best Practice Review with Melville Council and their team has been highly receptive to our process throughout the review.

Corrine Newman, Governance Coordinator at Melville - 'You came in and really understood our process' she said. The BPR report 'gave us an idea of what to expect with an automated system. It was of great value to us and an unexpected value add'.

The process of preparing Council meeting documents is one of the most complex workflows in Local Government. If you would like to gain insight into how automation can improve this process and are interested in receiving a copy of our case study, please contact our Customer Engagement Manager, Fiona Pagnozzi to register your interest.


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