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70 years of combined local government experience

Why we are your perfect partner in good governance

by Infocouncil Team | Monday 15th April, 2024 | News

What makes our solution the best in the business for automating the creation of Agendas and Minutes documents? Robust, mature and powerful functionality that addresses the complexities of governance work.

Equally important is a team with over 70 years of local government experience between them.

Arguably our greatest asset as a company is the wonderful people that make up our team.

We’d like to introduce you to members of our team here in the newsletter, starting with Jo Iles, who brings a host of local government experience from Auckland Council to her role and is passionately dedicated to the customer experience in every way.

Who are we?

Name: Jo Iles

Job Title: Professional Services Manager

Job Description: Managing the delivery of support to Infocouncil customers, including the management of implementations and enhancement projects.

Years of local government experience: 7+

Tenure at Infocouncil: 22 months

Favourite part of your role: I’ve really enjoyed directing the strides we’ve made in the support and professional services areas, to deliver higher quality and more timely service to our customers. We’ve also cemented a continuous improvement culture within the team, which I’ve seen promote us from strength to strength with the customer as our focus.

Who are you when you’re not at work?: I run, I read, I love the sun, I also love the cold and the mountains. I love to bake! My forte is actually plum cheesecake, especially if the biscuit base is not as hard as a rock – soft, chewy and glorious!


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