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Introducing our Assisted Upgrade Service

We're making upgrades easy

by Infocouncil Team | Monday 15th April, 2024 | Features and Benefits

As part of our commitment to providing better Professional Services to you in 2024, we now offer an Assisted Upgrade Service for those clients who run Infocouncil on-premise, managed either by Council or third-party IT.

Infocouncil upgrades and enhancements are delivered via an install package. We recommend you run the install package in a test environment first, conduct UAT then install to the Production environment.

For various reasons, this process can stall, which means important updates and enhancements are not made available in the live Infocouncil environment. It may be you have new IT staff who are not familiar with the Infocouncil database and configuration, or your 3rd party IT is unresponsive. In any case, if you wish to expedite your Infocouncil upgrade, our Assisted Upgrade Service will do just that.

How does it work?

Our consultant will coordinate with your IT to arrange remote access to perform the upgrade procedures. The Service can also double as a valuable training session for your IT if they choose to stay on the line.

We require pre-booking a half day to perform an Assisted Upgrade. Please don’t hesitate to express your interest by contacting our support desk, or enquire by raising a ticket via our website here.


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