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Infocouncil - LG Hub Governance Professionals Forum

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

by Infocouncil Team | July 2022 | Upcoming Events

As a longstanding supporter of good governance in New Zealand, Infocouncil is proud to co-sponsor the Taituara Governance Professionals Forum for the 10th year.

The Forum will provide a perfect opportunity to meet our new Professional Services Manager Jo Iles. Jo worked at Auckland Council for 7 years as the Manager Governance Systems Solutions. As a member of our Leadership Team, Jo will ensure that New Zealand council needs and voice is heard loud and clear!

We also look forward to presenting our ‘Total Automation Solution’ that covers all areas of our solution and how it addresses councils’ needs in one complete offering, to inform you of the progress of our Best Practice Review initiative and to update you on our Cloud Project Roadmap.

Our Best Practices Review has been hugely successful since launch this year. Already many vital issues have been identified as summarised in this newsletter.

Why not reach out to Jo and arrange a catch up?

To see a full Session Program or to find out more, direct your favourite browser to:

We hope to see you there!


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