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BPRe is here!

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Online portal. Multiple Collaborators. Unlimited productivity. Zero cost.

by Infocouncil Team | 24th July, 2023 | Features and Benefits

In 2022, we launched our Best Practice Analysis. We reviewed many council’s practices and usage of the Infocouncil business paper automation platform, and have made recommendations as to where, how and why changes will add efficiencies, increase productivity and improved user satisfaction. It was a highly successful venture, but with a lengthy manual process.

After many months of development, we have developed our new BPRe analysis. The 'e' is for efficiency and electronic.

Here is how it works and how the e adds significant value to the manual analysis:

  1. A Team Administrator is chosen who will act as our contact and coordinator for the team. They are usually the person that initially books the session with us.

  2. A unique, secure portal link is sent to the Team Administrator who completes the first version of our BPRe form online.

  3. A new link to the saved form is then generated, and the Team Administrator distributes this link to the other participants of the BPRe, in order for them to contribute their input in their own time.

  4. Each time a participant completes the form, the Team Administrator is sent a notification email. The form can be updated as necessary throughout the process, prior to Final Submission.

  5. Once all participants have completed their input, the Team Administrator then reviews the saved form, makes any changes they feel necessary and makes a Final Submission to us for analysis.

  6. Alternatively, as soon as the Team Administrator receives the first portal link, you can elect to schedule a meeting within your council to complete the form together in real time, and make the Final Submission immediately.

  7. We then complete our analysis based on the feedback contained in your form, and schedule a review meeting to discuss the outcome and our recommendations.

  8. Actions are then launched from the meeting to address any areas of concern.

The added benefits provided by BPRe include the ability for many team members to contribute to the BPR process at once, as well as the ability to review and make changes until the final document is ready.

The new BPRe facility is being launched progressively to ensure that we obtain input from users about anything we may have overlooked and those are resolved before it is released to all. Please wait to receive a direct email regarding booking a BPRe that will be sent to selected councils soon. We will releasing to all councils very soon!

Next steps: Once you've received your email advising that BPRe is available to your council, those elected Team Administrators can book via our website. (Please note that at the time of distribution of this newsletter, the BPRe service had not been released onto our website as yet.)


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