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What to consider when spending your budget with Infocouncil

by Infocouncil Team | 25th September, 2023 | Features and Benefits

A services budget can be one of the toughest budgets to get approved. However, we believe it is extremely important that councils allocate sufficient funding for ongoing professional services to maintain and enhance a technology solution over time.

This requirement is similar to any capital expenditure. All assets must be serviced and all team members upskilled to continue to obtain the expected benefits of the initial acquisition. Let’s focus on the three most important factors to consider when spending your budget with Infocouncil: when to perform the services, why, and the benefits you can expect to see.

This month, let’s look at the Infocouncil Best Practice Review:


1. Infocouncil users express frustrations with their work,

2. New meeting processes have been introduced,

3. Admins are spending increasing time manually tweaking documents

4. Admins are raising increasing numbers of ticket with our Help Desk

5. Infocouncil has been upgraded to the latest version,

6. Increased support needs.


1. Staff well-being,

2. Staff productivity,

3. Staff retention and team morale.


1. Increased efficiencies,

2. Better quality documents provided to stakeholders

3. Increased productivity.

You can find out about our new BPRe Service on our website. Or contact our support team about our service packages and our financial contribution.


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