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Rapid Focus Onboarding (RFO)

The much needed training initiative for all new staff

by Infocouncil Team | 14th April 2023 | Features and Benefits

Do any of the following scenarios apply to your council?

  1. Your new staff have used Infocouncil in previous roles but are new to your department?

  2. Your new staff have been through your internal onboarding and training but you’d like to offer them some third party training as well?

  3. You don’t have time for your new staff to participate in a half day or full day of our complete training?

  4. You don’t have the budget for a full day or half day session?

Rapid Focus Onboarding is for you!

One of the best things about our Rapid Focus Onboarding sessions is that they start from only $499 per 2 hour sessionnot per attendee. We do recommend attendee numbers are kept to a minimum where possible so that everyone has a chance to ask our experts questions as necessary, however we are happy to accommodate whatever works best for you and your council.

If you think you or your colleagues could benefit from Rapid Focus Training but think there are barriers to your council's approval, please send the link below to your HR Department, your Team Leader, Department Manager, your General Manager or CEO. All the up-to-date information is accessible via this link and we are always available to tailor make a solution to suit your requirements.

Our weblink

To find more information about how our Rapid Focus Onboarding can cater to your staff, to discover our session availability or to book, click on our weblink here.


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