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Rapid Focus Training (RFT)

Survey results and the benefits for you

by Infocouncil Team | 14th April 2023 | Features and Benefits

"Sometimes you do training courses and you're bored. You really don't take much from it because so much of what you hear isn't relevant. But this training was paced really well, was all relevant, I could ask questions and get clear on-the-spot answers. It was so beneficial, it was just seamless and flowed really well. And it wasn't boring!"
- Wendy Brook, EA to the CEO, East Arnhem NT

We are continuing to receive bookings for our 2 hour short, sharp and focused training service every day. We’re currently meeting this demand with three Infocouncil Training Experts delivering our training sessions, to allow all councils to take advantage of this tailored offering.

To ensure that the service is delivering on and exceeding expectations, we sent out a short survey to those councils who have booked at least one session, to gain an insight into where we were succeeding and where we may have been challenged. We are glad to report that we received an overwhelmingly positive response with over 90% of councils who completed the survey confirming that they had a positive experience. We have also noted that over 30% of our customers have booked a second, third or fourth session with us becoming repeat customers, so we thank you all for your fantastic response. We are very proud to see that our training sessions are proving to be so beneficial to so many of you.

Our first ever RFT session however, was not in-line with the council’s expectations and for that we sincerely apologise. We are extremely grateful for this council’s feedback and have already put further plans in place to make sure we exceed expectations when conducting these focused sessions in the future.

RFT is designed to increase user confidence, satisfaction and efficiency, and is an alternative to the general half or full day training sessions we have always offered our customers.

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To find more information about how our Rapid Focus Training can cater to your staff, to discover our session availability or to book, click here.


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