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The Infocouncil Rapid Focus Suite of services

We're proud to introduce our entire family to you.

by Infocouncil Team | 13th February 2023 | Features and Benefits

Today, Councils are facing new challenges, especially relating to resourcing, efficiencies and productivity.

The new Rapid Focus range of services are purpose built to address these challenges, which are:

  • Ensure that new team members joining the council are provided rapid real time focused introduction training which will make them from day one a productive, efficient and confident team member,

  • Reduce the number of hours staff are away from day-to-day tasks whilst gaining invaluable upskilling,

  • Produce rapid outcomes with minimal delays,

  • Reduce the number of support requirements which impacts productivity and satisfaction,

  • Increase automation and confidence,

  • Reduce costs and delays caused by budget priorities.

What can Infocouncil offer?

Since it's release, we've conducted 65 different Rapid Focus services and have successfully introduced the benefits summarised above to those customers.

Our Rapid Focus Suite of services now include:

  • Rapid Focus Best Practice Review

  • Rapid Focus On-boarding program

  • Rapid Focus Training, and (next month),

  • Rapid Focus Business Papers Management program

Contact Us

To find more information about how our Rapid Focus Suite can cater to your staff, to discover our session availability or to book, click here.


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