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Tips & Tricks - Action Sub Types

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

by Infocouncil Team | July 2022 | Tips and Tricks Are You Using Action Sub Types?

Infocouncil’s automated Actions system allows administrators, managers and staff to efficiently manage and report on actions arising from meetings. At the request of many of our clients we added the ability to assign Action Sub Types. For example, Sub Types can be used to provide information to Councillors who like to track Actions relating to their specific Ward.

Action Sub Types are available in Infocouncil versions 7.9+

If you are an Infocouncil System Administrator you can enable Sub Type functionality as follows:

To enable Sub Types simply mark the flag to True in the Actions System Parameters:

Then open the Actions Sub Types Screen, which is accessible through the Maintenance dropdown menu:

This screen provides the means for an administrator to view, add or edit action sub types.

Add some Sub Types that work for you! If you need help, click on the Question Mark icon at the bottom of the screen to access our context sensitive User Help. Or call our Help Desk.

When Sub Types have been enabled, the next time the administrator Generates Actions, the Sub Type column will display, allowing selection of the appropriate Sub Type for the action:

Simply click the dropdown arrow and assign the Sub Type for each Action.

Select Alternative Containers in CM/RM/TRIM

If you are one of our 100+ clients who use Content Manager/Records Manager/TRIM, Infocouncil allows authors to save reports to one or more Alternate containers directly from the Infocouncil Save Screen.

This is extremely useful if you want a report to appear in the meeting container as well as a container relating to the report subject.

If you are an Infocouncil System Administrator it is easy to enable this function as follows:

If you have Infocouncil version 8.2 or later installed, the Alternate Container functionality can be enabled by opening the Infocouncil System Parameters EDRMS and changing ‘Alternate Locations Show’ to True:

The selection of Alternate Locations can be made mandatory, as shown in the image above.

If you need help enabling this functionality, please don’t hesitate to raise a ticket with our friendly Helpdesk Team.



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