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Tips & Tricks - Creating Report Deadlines

Deadline date reminders help ensure you complete your work on time

by Infocouncil Team | 25th September, 2023 | Tips & Tricks

Instructions for creating deadline dates

Deadline dates display in a pop-up advising, for example, the deadline for the authorisation of a report. The pop-up appears when creating a report, editing a report or, by selecting the Deadlines button on the Document Menu. They have been a feature of Infocouncil for some time. If you are not using them, these instructions show you how to enable them. Note, Report Writers Deadlines are for information purposes only and will not restrict adding reports to the meeting after the deadline date.

Deadline Types are associated with a Meeting Type. To determine which Meeting Type to associate to the Deadline Type, select Administrator>Maintenance>Meetings – then select your meeting to see the Meeting Type field as shown in the image below.

Creating Deadline Types

Firstly, create Deadline Types - From the Administrator>Maintenance>Deadline Types

1. Select New

2. Enter the name of the type

3. Click the checkbox to save

Repeat these steps to create additional Deadline types

Linking the Deadline Types to the Meeting Type

Select Administrator>Maintenance>

Meeting Types

Follow the steps below:

1. Select the Meeting Type (Identified from the Meetings maintenance screen)

2. Select Edit

3. Select New - The Deadline Type window opens

4. Select the Deadline Type (created in the previous process)

5. Check Date Required if you require a date to display

6. Enter the number of business days from the meeting date for the deadline

7. Check Show Time if a deadline time is required to be displayed – this is optional

8. Check Time Required if a deadline time is required – this is optional

9. Significance select if required (for more information on Significance select the help button seen below)

10. Click the tick on the checkbox to save

Repeat steps 3 – 10 to associate additional Deadline Types if required.

Saving the Meeting Types Deadlines

When the Deadline has been created successfully, a message displays confirming to apply the deadline to all meetings using the Meeting Type

Click OK

If the time is included in the deadline, you will be prompted to enter the time.

Enter the time and click OK



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