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Our best Installation yet! Introducing Infocouncil Version 8.9.0

And why it's important to keep your system up-to-date

by Infocouncil Team | 27th September, 2023 | Features and Benefits

We are excited to introduce the latest upgrade to Infocouncil, Version 8.9.0. Building on the success of Version 8.8.3, the latest version comes packed with enhancements and bug fixes, ensuring an even more streamlined and efficient experience.

Enhancements that Elevate your Experience

  • Streamlined Action Reassignment We've enhanced the way action are reassigned. Instead of displaying a message, you can now trace it. Take full control with the new Actions system parameter, "Ask before reassigning actions when reallocating."

  • Author Management Authors with un-released actions can now be made inactive, making it easier for administrators to manage staff changes.

  • Membership Dates We've added a new tab page, "Membership Dates," to the Members screen. This feature allows you to record the membership of meeting (committee) start and end dates, making tracking and management a breeze.

  • Automated Display Options A new Actions system parameter automatically checks display options, including Default For Action (1), Information Only (2), or both (3), saving you time and effort.

  • Enhanced Attachments For EDRMS-based councils using alternative containers, we've added the ability to select alternative containers to uploaded attachments upon report save, enabling more seamless document management.

  • Draft Option for Council Notices It is now possible to select the Draft option for Council Notices on the Create Paper screen - perfect for creating a Runsheet.

Bug Fixes for a Smooth Experience

Our commitment to providing a bug-free experience continues with Version 8.9.0. We've addressed various issues, including those related to Actions Reports, author names, ECM document saving, PDF rendering, and more. These fixes ensure a seamless and error-free operation of Infocouncil.

Upgrading to Infocouncil Version 8.9.0 is not just about accessing these exciting enhancements and bug fixes—it's about optimizing your council's efficiency and productivity. Stay ahead of the curve and experience the full potential of Infocouncil.

For further Information about Upgrading

For more information on why keeping your Infocouncil system up to date is the recommended best practice, check out our previously published article here.

Find our new release notes on the FAQ page of our website here and don't miss out on these enhancements. And of course, you can always contact our friendly Help Desk for more information or assistance with your upgrade by completing our contact form here. Upgrade today and unlock the true potential of Infocouncil!


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