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Tips & Tricks - More Ways To Enhance Your PDF functionality

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

How to achieve better functionality post Version 8.1.1, by removing Three Heights and switching to Aspose

by Infocouncil Team | October 24, 2022 | Tips & Tricks

From Infocouncil Version 8.2 users rejoiced at the introduction of functionality that enabled original PDF attachments to be included in PDF agendas and minutes.

Including original PDF attachments allows the viewer to zoom in and enjoy the quality of the original document. The attachments text is searchable; can be zoomed in to view all the fine details, especially when using a mobile device; and are annotatable.

Another major benefit arising from this new functionality is the option to use the placeholder or thumbnail functionality when building the Word agenda and minutes. This solves the issue our admins faced in the past juggling size vs quality in converting PDF pages to images!

Behind the scenes the new publishing functionality utilises the Aspose PDF converter that comes built into Infocouncil.

So here is the tip for the month: if you are running Infocouncil Version 8.2 or later, there is a system parameter to switch PDF conversion from the older Three Heights functionality to Aspose.

Once you have set the system parameters to use Aspose, you can go ahead and remove the Three Heights service. Unlike Aspose, which is bundled with Infocouncil, Three Heights is a separate service and lives somewhere on your network. You will need to ask your IT to do this, but they will thank you for it!

To receive more detailed instructions on how to configure our new publishing functionality and disable your Three Heights Service please email our support team at

If you have admin. permissions you can check which PDF converter you are using in the Infocouncil System Parameters. From Version 8.2 you can choose to use the Aspose PDF converter.



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