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Tips & Tricks - Accessing Infocouncil Help

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Did you know that you can access Help from right inside our software?

by Infocouncil Team | 24th July, 2023 | Tips & Tricks

Infocouncil has context-sensitive help, allowing you to access our assistance from within each concept or function. This is accessible by the selecting the Help button, usually found to the left to the OK button at the bottom right of the window. It looks like this:

And is highlighted in red, here:

When selected, the Help screen displays information about the concept or function you are trying to perform.

Infocouncil also has the option to create custom help documents for specific concepts or functions that you perform daily, if this could assist your council in any way.

Custom Help is created by Infocouncil System Administrators from the Administration Maintenance>Custom Help

For further information

If you’re interested in receiving more fun tips and tricks to boost your productivity, take a look at the training services we currently offer here. We continue to add new training initiatives so be sure to check back in the future to see what's new. If you don't find what you're after listed on the page linked above, don't hesitate to contact our Help Desk here with your training enquiry by completing our form here and we would love to work with you!



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