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A Word From Our General Manager

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The Year In Review

by John Kerry | December 13, 2022 | Features and Benefits

2022 has been an exciting year with many changes as we focus on increasing added values to our council clients. The added value changes have been communicated frequently and I have summarised these in case some may have been too busy to read about them.

  • Cloud Enablement Our unique, highly configurable Word automation solution combines power and configuration flexibility with all the benefits that a cloud solution can provide

  • Automatic Upgrade Facility For our on-premise users, upgrade to latest version automatically with no IT resource needs

  • Best Practice Review Analysis A review of your processes and Infocouncil application usage with recommendations on best practices to improve efficiencies and productivity

  • Rapid Focused Best Practice Analysis (official release: Quarter 1 2023) A short sharp focused analysis on an identified process which requires improved efficiencies

  • Rapid Focused Training services A 2 hour on line interactive training focusing on specific identified upskilling needs

  • On-Boarding Focused Training services (official release: Quarter 1 2023) A customised training program for new staff providing training on a progressive planned needs basis, including supporting scheduled live tasks

Our responsibility as the provider of Meeting Management Automated Solutions to the majority of councils in Australia and New Zealand is to follow the challenges and changes impacting our valued clients and provide the services which supports these challenges.

Thank you

Thank you all for your support and open communications which allowed us to respond and help. I wish you and yours a very enjoyable and safe break and a healthy and rewarding 2023.

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