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Infocouncil Financial Security is Assured

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Why You're Guaranteed Security and Strength with Infocouncil

by Infocouncil Team | October 24, 2022 | Features and Benefits

In these times of economic uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that Infocouncil is part of the 8th largest software company in the world, Constellation Software Inc.

Founded in 1995, the Constellation business model of acquiring leading software companies in their particular markets has been highly successful, with the company now employing 25,000 people globally through six operating groups. Infocouncil has been part of the Vela Asia Pacific Group since 2018.

The Infocouncil team greatly benefit from the knowledge sharing and systems provided by our parent company, while continuing to provide the personalised and expert support which is so appreciated by the governance professionals we serve.

We also enjoy the financial backing of our parent company. This year, Vela APAC has supported our cloud initiative with an investment of $1.5 million.

Being part of the Constellation group ensures Infocouncil will continue to be your trusted partner in good governance in the decades to come.

Want to find out about how Infocouncil's security can benefit your organisation?

To request a web demo or to gather further information about what Infocouncil can do for you, contact our Sales Department here.


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