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Government Trends Report 2023

Deloitte delves into the nine trends impacting the public sector in 2023

by Infocouncil Team | May 15, 2022 | Client Engagement and Marketing Team

In a report released recently by leading professional services network Deloitte entitled “Government Trends 2023”, nine main trends have been identified as those that are reshaping government this year.

Among these is the interesting and relevant trend of “Back-office innovations improving mission performance” covering topics that impact back-office tasks, such as technology, mission data, new recruiting approaches to attract staff with critical skills, and changes in procurement. The author champions an integrational approach to back-office functions, as opposed to the approach that some governments seem to have adopted which entails stripping processes, technology and tasks back to effectively begin again.

“Technology is just one factor turning the back-office into a launchpad for better service delivery. Numerous legacy systems underpin key government services, and not all systems need to be replaced. One key to both back-office and mission innovation is harmonising technology, both new and old.”

The article goes on to mention that both front and back-office tasks have become increasingly data-focused, however a majority of the decision makers in the innovation of the sector don’t take into account that improvements to one area can positively affect the other simultaneously. We put this theory into practise, as Infocouncil's system enables local government agencies to track key metrics such as meeting attendance rates, resolution times, and community engagement levels, providing valuable insights into their performance and enabling them to make data-driven decisions to improve outcomes. The Deloitte report also notes that "technology-driven solutions can help local governments to optimize their back-office operations and streamline processes to improve service delivery." That’s why Infocouncil's application streamlines the entire meeting process, from agenda preparation to post-meeting reporting, reducing manual processes and saving valuable staff time.

On top of that, the article also mentions that engaging the right partners when it comes to launching a cloud-based platform is vital in reducing the risks of modernisation – and we would absolutely agree. One of the suggestions the authors make in combatting this challenge is that “innovation is more than just new technology” and again, we must agree. That’s why Infocouncil has partnered with the leading provision of technology infrastructure products and services Logicalis Australia, to deliver new technology that integrates with the robust power of Microsoft Word.

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If you’d like to read the Deloitte article in full, please click here:

For a solution that is a total solution… not just a product, you can trust Infocouncil. If you would like further information regarding how our application can benefit your organisation, about the roll-out of our Cloud platform or our integration with other software, please contact us here.

Source: Deloitte Insights, A report by Deloitte Center for Government Insights, Government Trends 2023


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