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No Other Solution Automates Like This

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Why our Word automation abilities make us the Total Solution

by Infocouncil Team | December 1, 2022 | Features and Benefits

Infocouncil is the only Agenda Management Solution that utilises Total Word Automation.

The term ‘Word Automation’ refers to software routines which optimise and automate Word procedures. Word automation doesn’t replace human expertise, it simply enables the mundane, manual parts to be off-loaded. The technology acts as a “virtual worker” – it is like having a highly trained assistant to take over the most time-consuming parts of the process.

For Governance Professionals, Total Word Automation is transformative. Automated templates are pre-populated with data or cloned from existing reports. Word styles are managed and tamed! Document compilation is entirely automated. And this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Infocouncil’s potential.


  • Reports are populated with protected information (e.g. item number, title, author and approver information, attachment lists, confidential reasons, council strategic plan details)

  • Report formatting is controlled, ensuring consistent layouts

  • Council specific requirements are automated (e.g. a report can be automatically populated with content from other reports, or from minutes of previous meetings)

  • Reports can be populated with information from external systems (e.g. planning reports)

  • Reports can be seamlessly saved to and retrieved from your document management system, ensuring version control and a complete audit trail


  • 100% automation of agenda creation

  • Open, confidential and supplementary versions automatically created in the council’s exact format, with attachments

  • Separate attachment documents may be created

  • Any Table of Contents layout can be replicated

  • Any item numbering system is accommodated

  • Committee items referred to council may be automatically included in any format

  • PDF and HTML versions can be created with navigation panes in any format, for publication.

  • No more constructing agendas by hand and the training overhead that this entails (Governance Staff on leave? No problem, the agenda can be created by other staff with no training required)


  • Open and confidential versions automatically created in the council’s exact format.

  • During the meeting (or after), powerful Minute Tools update the document in the council’s format (e.g. resolutions, mover/seconder, divisions, motions, new items)

  • Any format of minute or resolution numbers automatically updated

  • Many other council specific processes can be automated (for instance, a complex requirement to block resolve items)

  • Committee items flowing to a council meeting are automatically included in any format, if required

  • Tabled documents can be added as attachments for later publication


  • All actionable items from a meeting can be distributed to responsible officers within a short time after conclusion of the minutes

  • Each item can be assigned to one or more officers, deadlines adjusted and notes applied before notification

  • Actions can be classified by subtypes

  • Automated notification by email and pushed to your document management system

  • Powerful filtered Actions search functionality

  • Actions authorisation process if required

  • Customisable action report templates

  • Push all actions data to Microsoft Power BI

  • And much more!

Other Documents

  • Other council specific documents can be automatically created (such as Run Sheets, Confirmed or Final versions of Minutes)

  • Infocouncil is a solution that combines Total Automation technology in the Microsoft Word environment, delivered by the industry leading organisation. Look no further than Infocouncil. Over 260 council clients in Australia and New Zealand now use our Total Word Automation. To find out how Infocouncil can transform your meeting process, please don't hesitate to Contact Us to arrange a webinar or Best Practice Review.


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